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Public Relations

When I worked as the News Editor for a community-based newspaper, I would often get this question from community members: “Why aren’t you covering my organization?” And I would challenge them with this: “If you don’t share your news with me, I may never find out.” You see, we often have an idea of how people are finding out about our work. But, are they really? What could you be doing to increase the possibility of the public seeing the awesome things you do on a regular basis? I can help you with this and work to create an individualized public relations plan that works for you.

Jennifer has an associate degree from Delaware Tech in Communications and plans to graduate this summer with a Bachelor’s Degree from Wilmington University in Communications with a specialty in Public Relations and Strategic Communications. She is also working toward certificates from Wilmington University in Community Engagement, Marketing and Digital Marketing. She brings more than 15 years of media and public relations experience to the field.

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