Turn your dreams into reality

I have more than 15 years of experience in editing and designing print products using industry standard software. I would love to help you turn your ideas into dreams come true.

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Do you need help understanding how to utilize social media platforms, submit winning press releases or even handle your personal finances? This is your story! You get to choose the ending!

Public Relations

What exactly is public relations? How could this affect your business? Does approaching the media or the public about your business feel intimidating? I have more than a decade of experience in community-based media and public relations. I can work with you to promote your passions and help your business thrive!

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Financial Coaching

Step out of your comfort zone so you can create a more comfortable life for yourself and your family! It’s time to find that freedom you’ve always wanted – and it’s really out there! Let me help you find a way to financial peace! I have been trained through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Master Training program and teaches classes through Financial Peace University.

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