Hey there! I’m Jenn.

Children’s Author. Journalist. Storyteller. Momma Bear.

Everyone has a story to tell. Jennifer Antonik is passionate about telling those stories or creating new ones to emphasize a topic. She is born and raised in Delaware where she now has the pleasure of raising three beautifully ornery children with her husband of more than a decade.

Proud member of the Society of Children’s
Book Writers and Illustrators

As an award-winning journalist, Jennifer has highlighted amazing community-based stories in her hometown and explored harder, breaking news such as government, education and business topics. She also designed the weekly, turned monthly, newspaper during her time as a news editor. She currently works as the public relations coordinator for the Delaware Farm Bureau which allows her to share all kinds of agriculture-related news and stories through press releases and the organization’s bi-monthly newspaper.

Jennifer graduated from Milford High School and went on to graduate from Delaware Technical Community College with an associate degree in Communications Technology. She also earned a certificate in American Sign Language from DTCC.

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