Did news coverage from the pandemic or the war affect your level of trust in mass media?

The survey begins below this post!

I have been finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in communications (public relations and strategic communications concentration). One of my last classes (insert immense excitement here) is (less excitement)… statistics! As such, I have to do a major statistics related project and I chose to do it on something near and dear to my heart – media! Typically, there are studies done every year regarding the level of trust Americans have in our mass media. I’d like to take the research a bit further. I am curious if coverage from the COVID-19 pandemic or the war in Ukraine impact our trust in the media.

I chose this project because it was particularly interesting to me to see a decline in our trust levels of the mass media each year from 2017 to 2021. I am curious to see if certain major events influence our trust levels of the mass media.

I know this post is not author related, but finishing school is a very big goal of mine! I appreciate you walking these journeys with me. One I finish school, I can get back to writing! 😉 Thank you for helping me with this project. I will come back and share some of my findings with you when my project is complete!

Please share this project with your friends and followers! I’d love to see how many responses we can collect.

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