Books have arrived! Have you ordered your signed copy yet?

It’s hard to believe I set out on this venture about a year ago. Today, I received my first bulk order of Boxes of Love books in the mail. COVID sure has a way of messing with everyday life and this shipment was no different – it was delayed by TWO MONTHS! I’m sure I gained a few new white hairs over this. BUT… I can finally say – Boxes of Love arrived today and they surely were just that.

There’s something special about opening boxes upon boxes of your own creations. And then the task of taking the inevitable selfie because everyone else was at work or school. Ha. I’m excited to say that a couple hundred of these books already have homes in some local school districts once they are signed. But there are a lot more that will be ready for new homes at other schools and homes, too!

I like to say this is a story about love and unity. Our main character has a lot of questions about the world around him, especially about those boxes full of food the schools gave out during the pandemic. A lot of the thoughts and questions came from my own children, or questions I could imagine them asking like where does all this food come from or who puts it all together in these boxes. I won’t spoil all of the juicy details, but I wanted to share one real-life example of how this story plays out.

Mason, while on his journey to discover where the food came from in his own community, meets a farmer with a greenhouse. The farmer introduces himself and his greenhouse to Mason who then acts shocked. Why? Well, the greenhouse wasn’t green in color… it was white. Our real-life elementary school has greenhouse which is white in color, just like in our book. While headed to school one day, our best friend who travels to and from school with us asked what that big white thing was – of course, it was the greenhouse. And what did he say? “Ha. But it’s not green, Ms. Jenn.” *insert a stream of laughing emojis here*

It’s that kind of curiosity that I see everyday in my own kids (this one included) that I hope to bottle up inside my books. Laugh. Play. Learn. Ask questions. Understand community. Love. Thank you for supporting me as a self-published author and for supporting our youth. Their curiosity is so important. To purchase a copy of Boxes of Love/Cajas de Amor, or to donate funds so we can send signed copies to schools, shelters, and other children in need, please click on this link. You can also email me directly or find me on Facebook to arrange orders. It’s been an incredible journey. Thanks for being here with me for it all!

One thought on “Books have arrived! Have you ordered your signed copy yet?

  1. Jennifer I got a copy of Boxes of Love and your 2 other books when they 1st came out. Love them all….Thank you for capturing what it felt like for the kids and Cafeteria staff during the Covid Pandemic. It is a story of true passion and what a community is about. Can’t wait to see what your next book adventure will be. Keep being you!!


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