Boxes of Love and a bundle of self care

Self care is underrated. I decided recently that I needed to do that more often and found myself purchasing boxes of love of my own – boxes of TEA, that is! After a long, sun-filled day with my family, I decided to crack open one of the boxes and enjoy a cuppa. Sure, I could have microwaved a cup of water and just dropped in the teabag. But there’s something special, something familiar and relaxing about using a teapot. It’s a whole experience kind of ten-minutes. In my case, I get to use my Grandmother’s teapot. It gives me a few moments to say a quiet, “Thanks, I miss you, I’d love to tell you about our day.” Many of my readers know that my Grandma Josie just passed away within the past few weeks. So this experience has been especially bittersweet lately.

Today, my own copy of my new book, Boxes of Love, arrived in the mail! I thought about that while I sat there at the kitchen counter just breathing after a busy day. Grandma’s beautiful teapot sat in front of me, now empty because I had filled one of my favorite mugs with its contents. The mug reads: “Don’t forget to be awesome.” It was as if Grandma Josie said it herself. She was amazingly supportive, always. Everytime we talked, she would tell us she loved us and we were beautiful and smart. When the pandemic hit, I remember telling her about family finances tightening up (too much) and we were able to collect these meal boxes at the kids’ school. She wouldn’t miss a beat with her support. “Well, you do what you have to do. And Thank God for that program.” She would then go into a story about how she made ends meet when things were tough. The thought wasn’t lost on me tonight as I sipped my tea made in her teapot while I stared at my new project, Boxes of Love.

Love comes in a lot of forms. We can find it everywhere if we look hard enough. I hope this book makes it a little easier to find. The ebook is available FOR FREE through April 27 on Kindle and the Paperback version is available for purchase. You can also pre-order on my website. Take a Chance on Agape love and check it out!

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One thought on “Boxes of Love and a bundle of self care

  1. That is awesome Jennifer. I am actually getting ready to sit down with a cup of hot tea made with a special little tea holder that Kathleen dropped off to me earlier. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


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